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Why choose KDM's Garden Products?

The UK outdoor timber products market has experienced major developments in added value products over the last 20 years. KDM has been at the forefront of these developments and enhanced its position as the market leader through the use of new technology, improved product design and attention to detail. We have continued to improve key product features and maintain our business principles to ensure our products stand out from the competition and remain the leading brand in the market.


KDM’s philosophy is to continually improve specifications, including but not restricted too; the size and number of components, timber profiles, product design, quality of fixings, treatment and manufacturing developments.

Driving new innovations, in design, quality, treatment and manufacturing.


When using natural resources careful selection is the fundamental ingredient in creating successful products. All raw material is hand selected to suit the individual, intended components. It is vital that each component is produced from the appropriate section of the log and made from the highest quality raw material.


We aim to offer exclusive and original products that meet the very highest standards of timber manufacturing and design. Whether the product is decorative or functional or a combination of the two our principles remain the same.


From the initial stages each piece is checked twice and hand selected ensuring all defects are excluded. Timber is a natural product, the grading process is essential to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained.


Excluding the Willow, Hazel and Oak all other products are pressure treated to use class 3 or 4 with the highest quality preservative. The treatment is designed to enhance the product and extend the life span, they will require further treatment in time. Products intended for in-ground contact are treated to use class 4 to provide a longer life span, save the customer financially and have a reduced impact on the environment.


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