Frame Grade Birch

Product Profile
Product Size
Finished Size
1 x 1 Inch
25mm x 25mm
24mm x 24mm
1 x 1½ Inch
25mm x 38mm
24mm x 35mm
1 x 2 Inch
25mm x 50mm
24mm x 45mm
1 x 2½ Inch
25mm x 63mm
24mm x 57mm
1 x 3 Inch
25mm x 75mm
24mm x 70mm
1 x 4 Inch
25mm x 100mm
24mm x 95mm
1 x 5 Inch
25mm x 125mm
24mm x 120mm
1 x 6 Inch
25mm x 150mm
24mm x 145mm

KDM are major suppliers of both Frame Grade and Asian Grade Birch to the furniture trade and can offer either sawn or planed material from standard long lengths to bespoke cut-to-length rails.

Our Estonian sawmills have optimising lines installed which means we can offer cut-to-length rails to our manufacturers, saving them on waste and increasing their production. This has been proven over time by our experience of working with several major sofa manufacturers, all of whom buy all their rails cut-to-length.

We at KDM pride ourselves on the quality of our frame grade based on the regular visits made to the sawmills in Estonia. We have built up good relationships with our sawmills over many years to ensure the quality remains good.

All of the birch we supply complies with the UK Timber Regulations (UKTR) which replaced the EUTR following the UK’s exit from the European Union.  An increasing majority of our sawmills are also FSC Certified, allowing KDM to offer FSC through chain of custody. Which is becoming increasingly more crucial, as some major retailers are now insisting on this as part of their requirements.

KDM have weekly sailings from Estonia to the UK by MAFI trailers which means we can eliminate the risk of damage when shipping breakbulk and also avoid the weather delays during the busy winter months which can be caused by ports icing over.

By utilising an undercover storage operation, both in Estonia and the UK, we are able to hold stock for our customers which in turn allows us to offer a just-in-time service reducing the need for our customers to carry large stocks and thus minimising shortages and ensuring continuity of supply.

KDM can offer all dimensions from 1″ x 1″ to 1″ x 6″, and also some volumes of 2″ x 2″ which can be planed square edged or with 2/4 eased edges.

Key points for your consideration, concerning the supply of birch that KDM can offer you:

  • KDM can offer all sections – 25mm x 25mm / 38mm / 50mm / 63mm / 75mm / 100mm / 125mm / 150mm in a range of lengths to suit.
  • Planed all round – we can offer planed square edge, planed 2 eased edges, etc.
  • Excellent quality – enabling us to offer a good quality PAR Frame Grade and a high-quality PAR Asian Grade.
  • Cut to length rails using an Optimiser Saw line (this also grades out any potential defects).
  • Stock on the ground, plus weekly shipments via Mafi trailers, (therefore minimising any potential pack damage that you can get on break bulk shipments).
  • Regular shipments that are unaffected by ice during the busy winter months.
  • Under cover storage allowing greater flexibility to hold stock for our customers, thus minimising any shortages, and ensuring you continuity of supply.
  • Full or half loads, FSC or Non FSC.

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